The Music of Degenerates That Became a Phenomenon

Birthed from the same circumstances that gave rise to the U.K. Punk scene, The New Wave of British Heavy Metal took the sound of what was called “degenerate trash” by the mainstream and transformed it into a worldwide phenomenon. #heavymetal #metal #UKmetal #NWOBHM

They Were On A Mission From God

A tribute to our friend and loved one Wendy Posson who who left us at the age of 50 last month. The Blues Brothers was hands down her favorite film, and we are celebrating one of cinema’s most outrageous, most diverse and most amazing musical movies in her memory.
#bluesbrothers #filmmusic #blues #rhythmandblues #soul #danaykroyd #johnbelishi #johnlandis #jamesbrown #cabcalloway #arethafranklin #raycharles #johnleehoker #tvthemes

Santana and the Latin Rock Breakthrough

Though Hispanic/Latinx/Latino music from the United States of the last couple of decades has primarily focused on club bangers and Pop music, there was a time when practically everyone in the underground and the mainstream was grooving to a brand new and hip sound not before experienced by anyone. #hispanicheritagemonth #latinorock #lantinx #santana

When Hippies Overtook The Great White Way

Billed as the “The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical”, Hair made an immediate and far-reaching impact outside of Broadway. NOTE: This program contains language and subject matter not suitable for all audiences. Racism. The Vietnam War. Rejection of uptight sexual mores. Nudity. Profanity. Simulating open drug use. Hippies and the counterculture. This was definitely not your parent’s … Continue reading When Hippies Overtook The Great White Way

Jazz Fusion: 1969-1976, Pt. 2

The second of the two International Jazz Day 2016 promised to all of you I would start bringing out of the archives. #jazzday #JazzFusion #Jazz #JazzRock Note: Biographical/historical information about each selection follows below the track listing. Even though the seeds of what we now call the first wave of Jazz Fusion had been sewn … Continue reading Jazz Fusion: 1969-1976, Pt. 2