#JazzDay 2016-2019 Archives

By request, publishing my four previous Int’l. #JazzDay programs as special event pages on my sister site. #JazzDayAtHome #MusicEducation #covid-19

As I had mentioned in a previous post on my design website about how International Jazz Day events were changing dramatically this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, I have decided, prior to the current main event on April 30th, I would post the prior programs there.

I would be posting them here, but currently cannot with the way this site is configured. I may be changing that very soon, on a monthly basis, until all the previous programs can be caught up to speed.

International Jazz Day program poster for 2017. Visit https://www.aospdx.com/international-jazz-day-2017/ to be taken to this event page.

This is, in a sense your fault: about a week ago, when I posted my first reminder and preview of this year’s John Coltrane event, the following kept getting asked: what about the previous four?

In addition to providing all of the relevant pre-recorded audio segments I had, I would also include all of the normal introduction text as well as track listings, much I normally do for my programs on my this site.

International Jazz Day program poster for 2018. Visit https://www.aospdx.com/jazzday2018/ to be taken to this event page.

But then I took it a step further, as I am prone to do. Since this series and in particular these programs are truly educational in nature, with no sponsorship or funding from any source, I also decided to include all of biographical and historical information on each page as well. For the 2017 program, that does mean a great deal of scrolling on your phone, but the layout is what the layout is. (That is also a three hour program with over 30 different artists, so there you have it.)

International Jazz Day program poster for 2019. Visit https://www.aospdx.com/international-jazz-day-2019/ to be taken to this event page.

Last but not least, I have also decided to include all of the original poster downloads as well. A good friend of mine from my day job, prior to the outbreak, was amazed they were all done by the same artist, yours truly. (For the unaware, they are ALL digital illustrations, even the one you see above of Ella Fitzgerald.) Art is art is art: it can take many forms and does with this series. I utilize not just art, but science as well; I am also the webmaster and the audio engineer. It’s all the things…

International Jazz Day program poster for 2016. Visit https://www.aospdx.com/international-jazz-day-2016/ to be taken to this event page.

Speaking of the overall listenability, I am a much better sound man now than I was back then. I was able to locate the original multitrack files I created, and using the now-seemingly primitive software I had at the time, boosted the quality of the audio somewhat. It won’t be as good as what you will hear with the John Coltrane program on the 30th, but it is definitely better than you remember.

Don’t forget: this year’s show will broadcast on both sites, with the exact same content. The header to that post will look like the image below.

Love to you all.

Ben “Daddy Ben Bear” Brown Jr.