Music from the Matrix Films

With the new Matrix film being pushed back by Warner Brothers until April of 2022, here is a chance for you to recap one part of what made this film series so very special. #matrix #animatrix #filmmusic #instrumental #techno

A film that literally broke the rules on what a science-fiction flick should comprise of, The Matrix set a standard so high in 1999 that even its three sequels combined could not live up to it, though not for lack of trying.

Don Davis, 2014, talking about the music from series of Matrix films in Stuttgart, Germany. Photo courtesy of Laser Hotline.

It played perfectly on pre-millennium Y2K paranoia, and did something no previous sci-fi film had ever done: mix brains and brawn, impressive visual effects and a soundtrack that mixed classical music with techno and rock with such ease that the film swept the four Oscar categories in 2000 in effects for sound and visuals, beating out the biggest film of the year, the George Lucas Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace.  

“It was a forward-looking film that could sustain forward-looking music…You can’t do that with a vampire movie.”

Don Davis

Our show this week cherry picks selections from The Matrix, its two proper film sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, as well as the direct-to-video compilation of short animated films, The Animatrix. Regardless of one’s opinion on the quality of the film and its sequels, one thing is undeniable: this is music literally from another reality, and was the one shining star of the film series that wasn’t sullied by poor reviews. 

First Part

  • Main Title Theme/Trinity Infinity, The Matrix (Original Score), Don Davis
  • In My Head, The Matrix Revolutions, Pale 3
  • Blind Tiger, The Animatrix, Layo and Bushwacka!
  • Spybreak!, The Matrix (Soundtrack), Propellerheads
  • Neodämmerung, The Matrix Revolutions, Don Davis
  • Zion, The Matrix Reloaded, Fluke

Second Part

  • Tetsujin, The Matrix Revolutions, Juno Reactor and Don Davis
  • Ren 2, The Animatrix, Photek
  • Supermoves, The Animatrix, Overseer
  • Clubbed to Death, The Matrix (Soundtrack), Rob Dougan


  • Mona Lisa Overdrive, The Matrix Reloaded, Juno Reactor and Don Davis

Love to you all.

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